Alerte sécurité pour les voyageurs

S’informer avant de partir

La première chose à faire avant de partir pour sa sécurité est de bien s’informer sur la situation de la région où vous vous rendez.Ci-dessous une série de conseils aux voyageurs fournis par divers ministères des affaires étrangères.

Carte des catastrophes naturelles dans le monde

Ce site répertorie en direct les catastrophes naturelles dans le monde

Conseils des affaires étrangères

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les alertes sécurité publiées par les ministères des affaires étrangères en France et en Grande Bretagne. Elles vous donneront une indication de la situation géo-politique et sanitaire partout dans le monde.

Flux Travel Advice Summary

  • Spain 2023-02-08
    Updated information on use of face masks in Spain following the lifting of the requirement to use face masks on public transport ('Coronavirus' page).
  • Kyrgyzstan 2023-02-08
    Updated information on terrorist threats ('Terrorism' page).
  • St Martin and St Barthélemy 2023-02-08
    Updated information on end of COVID-19 restrictions ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages).
  • France 2023-02-08
    Updated information on Coronavirus restrictions ('Coronavirus' page).
  • Somalia 2023-02-08
    Addition of information about exercising extreme caution and disruption to transport links in the Sool region ('Safety and security' page).
  • Turkey 2023-02-07
    Turkey has announced a national emergency in the 10 provinces affected by earthquakes and announced that only vehicles which carry aid teams and aid material will be allowed to enter cities deemed to be inside the area of the disaster (see ‘Summary’ page).
  • Iraq 2023-02-07
    Updated information on COVID-10 entry requirements and the political and security situation in Iraq ('Summary', 'Coronavirus', 'Safety and security' and 'Entry requirements' pages).
  • Equatorial Guinea 2023-02-07
    Removal of information on travel restrictions due to elections ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages).
  • Germany 2023-02-07
    Updated information on the wearing of medical grade masks, and what to do if testing positive for COVID-19 in Germany ('Coronavirus' page).
  • Peru 2023-02-07
    Protests have led to a higher number of road blockades and severe disruption to travel in the Puno and Madre de Dios regions, leading to shortages of fuel, domestic gas and some goods.(‘Safety and security’ pages).
  • Lebanon 2023-02-06
    A major earthquake (7.8) hit the Gaziantep region of Southeast Turkey on 6 February 2023. A further earthquake (7.5) was felt later in the day. There have been several strong aftershocks reported in Lebanon and the risk of further aftershocks remains. ('Summary' page).
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo 2023-02-06
    Information on protests in Goma on 6 February 2023 ('Summary' and ‘Safety and Security’ pages).
  • Syria 2023-02-06
    Information on a 7.8 major earthquake that hit the Gazientep region of Southeast Turkey on 6 February 2023 which has also severely impacted cities in Northern Syria including Idlib and Aleppo ('Summary' page).
  • Sri Lanka 2023-02-06
    Removal of information about restricted access to Galle Face Green and surrounding areas 3-4 February 2023 ('Summary' page).
  • Chile 2023-02-05
    Updated information on forest fires in areas of the Nuble, Biobio and Araucania regions ('Summary' page).
  • Bahamas 2023-02-03
    Updated information on regattas and festivals in The Bahamas ('Safety and security' page)
  • Moldova 2023-02-03
    Updated information on the extension of the state of emergency declared by the Moldovan authorities ('Summary' page).
  • Falkland Islands 2023-02-03
    Updated information on air travel ('Safety and security' page).
  • Netherlands 2023-02-02
    Removal of information related to strike action ('Summary' page).